About us

Red’Shine Publishing:

Red’Shine Publication located in Gujarat, India, has specialized since its foundation in 2010 in the publication of academic papers, books, textbooks, research eBooks, enfettering novels, useful books, life guide books etc.

Mr. Ankit Patel was founder of red’Shine Publishing. He had wriiten first book ‘MINDPOWER’ in 2012. After time Mr. Patel was two more company founding is RED’HOT (related to Psychological Research) and SKY’HEART (An Mr. Patel’s community). You also read to Mr. Ankit Patel’s biography, works; please click to ‘Author’ at this site.

The publishing website redShine.com (coming soon) will  offers students, books lovers, graduates and university professors the ideal platform for the presentation of scientific books, such as research papers and enfettering books, novels related to this site. red’Shine will reach a huge audience.

For Other Authors:

Authors also may publish their works as book with an ISBN and high royalties for every sale. The books are available via red’Shine, distribution channels like Amazon, Google Books, iBooks, and Stationary book stores. For the authors, there is no cost associated with the publishing of materials.

Networking functions which enable users to keep up to date with inserting information and to create groups and publish series complete the red’Shine platform.

Supported Languages:

We accepted languages are like English, Gujarati, and Hindi etc.

Publishing House:

86/ ‘SRADHDHA’, 88, Patel Street Navamuvada,




+91 9998 44 7091

+91 9558 21 6314

info.redshine@asia.com / editor.redshine@asia.com

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